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Body Sanctuary

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy


Sound Healing uses the power of sound and vibration to restore the body, mind and spirit to a state of balance and harmony. Working with sound as a healing technique is now gaining momentum in healthcare, with more and more people testifying to the subtle but very real benefits gained simply from absorbing the healing vibrations of sound, singing bowls, tuning forks, and music. 

 As you allow yourself to experience the sounds and their vibrations, you will find that you will be brought into a deeper state of relaxation. This relaxation will enable you to renew and rebalance. Research indicates that as science explores the subtle workings of the body, it has become clear that each organ vibrates at certain frequencies, with cells emitting sounds as a form of communication. If we dig deeper into cellular life, we find that when a cell becomes sick or damaged, this communication stops as these channels are no longer working properly. 

Through the use of sound, we can re-open these channels to allow the cells to return to their normal, healthy frequency. This state of homeostasis will not only be felt within every system of your body, but will also change how you relate to your somatic self, and ultimately how you interact with the rest of the universe. Sound is medicine for your whole being, with its roots in many indigenous cultures all over the world. Sound Healing techniques do vary, but all involve the application of sound waves and harmonic vibrations to the physical and subtle bodies through the use of instruments or tools, including the human voice. 

20 minute consultation on all first treatments.

Time: 1hr        Cost: £35         Time:  1hr 30 mins         Cost: £45


To book a Sound treatment - please click here!


What to expect

Sound Therapy works by creating sounds that will move through our bodies from cell to cell, restoring harmony in and between the cells via vibrating them into re-alignment. These waves of harmonious sounds will help “shake loose” and release any trapped stress, trauma and/or dis-ease.

All treatments begin with a formal consultation process involving a series of questions about your health and lifestyle. This process is essential to enable both myself and you to identify existing health related issues, giving us the opportunity to explore overall lifestyle and any life changes that may help you in your recovery.

Treatments can last from anything from 30mims to 2hrs and again duration depends on need. Treatments do not require the removal of any clothing and can be carried out seated, lying down or standing.


Benefits of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

  • Increased levels of energy
  • Improved co-ordination
  • Fewer headaches
  • Lessening of sensitivity to particular sounds
  • Relief from chronic tiredness
  • Relieve the sensation of shortness of breath or tightness in the chest
  • Deep sense of relaxation
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Less frustration
  • Improved ability to relax
  • Improvement in overall “mood”
  • Improved patience
  • Better ability to communicate and interact with others
  • Improved ability to express emotions
  • Brain clarity improved cognition
  • More motivated in life
  • Improved ability to listen to new ideas with an open mind
  • Better organization skills
  • Less likely to become irritable 
  • Improvement in attention spa